Friday, October 16, 2009


This post finds me feeling much better than the last - although the last still stands true. Thank you for the comments and I'm glad you liked the picture. :)

I finally got a job. I've been drawing unemployment for a year. This was, I believe, the 28th job application I sent out. This job doesn't pay what the unemployment did. It's part-time and I will still struggle financially. I think what I am paid is too high for the demand of the tasks. still

I feel so happy. The people are so upbeat and excited. The company is making an impact on the environment. This is the first time in probably 6 years that I have been happy at work.

So I am optimistic the other issues will resolve themselves soon.

Those who want more from me than I can give should know that I am telling the truth when I say it. There are more than one of them.

Sometimes you/I love someone who doesn't love you/me, while someone you/I don't love loves you/me. That sucks pretty bad. For everyone. still

I am really starting to feel good about my future as a single person.

Yes, I had some major philanthropic duty kind of dumped on me last night and I was overwhelmed.

Then I realized I have faith it will be ok.

I will hold onto this faith and not let the negative influences of others wear it down.

I will do the things that make me happy and feel good about them.

....oh and I'll probably have a pretty nice 'story' up for you soon.


Hate is not a Family Value


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