Monday, September 28, 2009

MicroFantasy Monday - Frustration

There's no angle I can be to get deep enough in her. I've twisted and pulled her around the floor, and she has complied like a good girl, but still I cannot find the place I want to be. Deeper and deeper I push into her, her cries fall on deaf ears, not even coming close to what I need. Once again I flip her from her stomach to her back, but this time I shove 2 large throw pillows from the couch under her ass. Grabbing her ankles and spreading her wide, I take her again. Her shocked gasp is the first thing I hear as I feel the release coming.

Thanks Ang. Just the theme to get me back (?).



niiiiice.. yeah.. sometimes you just have to work at it until it's jussst right..

welcome back :-)


I was breathless reading this.... wow

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