Monday, July 13, 2009

The Premier

From the supply closet I heard the janitor set the final locks. Peeking out to see he was gone, I loosened my suit jacket buttons, and took off my jet-black Christian Louboutin heels. As I crept toward the premier’s office, I heard a soft gasp and then a low moan. I glanced inside the next-door window to see the premier’s head of security relaxed in her office chair, hands working herself. Knowing getting caught would lead to foreign prison, I watched her strong hands rub her clit through her pantyhose. Her breaths became solid, her hips arching off the chair.

I pulled my eyes away and moved quickly toward the premier’s office. The keys, codes, and information led me straight to the files. As I scanned them with my keychain, I heard her say

You should’ve stayed to watch. Now I’ll really have to punish you.

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WOW - loved it. Would I love to read a followup. My imagination's running wild at this point.

Dont know why butr it keeps prompting me to resend.


Sounds like a hot Premier. ;-)


ohhhhhh that's awesome.. hee

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