Monday, July 6, 2009

MicroFantasy Monday - Sleep

As usual, I felt you move against me, cuddling up to my back as I slept - but this time I felt something more. As you entered me from behind, I reached down to trace circles on my clit. You moved slowly, but with deliberation and in that way that gets me every time. I felt the warmth building in me as I rubbed myself faster and harder. My orgasm washed over me like warm water, and just as the waves subsided I woke up... and realized you weren't even there.

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That's hot and somehow disappointing at the same time - but mostly hot.


Haha at DM's comment ... he was greedily wanting more. Inbetween the moments of fantasy and reality are where we can sometimes find ourselves. x


Oooh, nice twist ending there! :-)


Sounds like someone is dreaming of me again. Soon enough darlin...soon enough. Or maybe not. I want you now.


"when I think about you I touch myself..."


Damn! that's good.. and wow, I know exactly what you're talking about.. but sometimes I awake and realize I'm alone before the orgasm hits and it's really hard to get the feeling back again.. I hate when that happens.

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