Thursday, July 30, 2009

HNT - Games

This actually from a beach trip earlier this summer. I came across it today unexpectedly. That mark on my arm is from my arm being across the laptop power cord, getting addicted to a time-management game while my kids slept! Silly me. I really love those games...

Appreciate the others at Views from the Back Row




Well, who doesn't love games? HHNT!

Barefoot Dreamer

ah the games we play

Barefoot Dreamer

ah the games we play


Addiction does leave its marks, doesn't it? Text Twist had me for a bit.

His BabyDoll

games...they seem to be creeping in to my days more and more...


Emerald Yomi

Have to admit, the mark from the cord wasn't the *first* thing I looked at...hehehe....Happy HNT.

Amorous Rocker

I didn't notice that right away, something else caught my eye first, lol. Happy (very late lol) HNT.


Uh, there's an arm in this picture? ;-)

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