Thursday, June 25, 2009

HNT - White

I love to prepare for playdates. I take a nice hot shower, shave my legs and pussy smooth, then cover my body in baby oil so that it's nice and slick. I keep all my pretty lingerie in one drawer so that when I open it there is a lovely array of colors and styles - and lots of lace.

With all those choices I still find this little white set to be one of my favorites.

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Oooooooh, niiiiice.


This is a beautiful shot.


Its one of my favourites too!!! Delicious


Well. It looks stunning on you. Very sexy!


Welcome back! You've been missed!


You look gorgeous in the white! Definitely a good choice!

Southern Sage

That is stunningly sexy.

Excellent pic.

Ms Undecided

You can never go wrong with plain, white cotton. Comfortable and sexy!

His BabyDoll

I see why its a favorite! It looks amazing on you.


There's something amazing about white...both sexy and innocent. You look so so lovely in it.

Lapis Ruber

And I can see why - iy makes you look so good. I hope you had a happy HNT :-)


Wow! Great shot!


Uh, I can definitely see why. Super hot HNT!

Champagne and Benzedrine

Oh, you look utterly lovely. The white looks amazing on you - it makes your skin look beautiful and brings out your tan. Whoever enjoys unwrapping you is in for a treat!


Yes yes it is a great shot. Though I must say seeing it in person is definitely sexier.

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