Thursday, June 25, 2009

HNT - White

I love to prepare for playdates. I take a nice hot shower, shave my legs and pussy smooth, then cover my body in baby oil so that it's nice and slick. I keep all my pretty lingerie in one drawer so that when I open it there is a lovely array of colors and styles - and lots of lace.

With all those choices I still find this little white set to be one of my favorites.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Do I really have to?

I've reached a place of crossing paths in my life. You see, I always wanted to be someone's "someone special" and when I try that it becomes rapidly apparent I shouldn't be. Counting only adultish relationships, I had 4 consecutive relationships, the last ending after 8.5 years - then 4 more of a more sporadic variety. I'm worn out in the heart department. So much that even though I have a couple of people who care greatly for me - I want to be single.

These people already know this. I suppose I am, in part, writing it to confirm it as such.

Those who have read my previous entries about "The Lost Love" will probably not be surprised to hear exactly how over "love" I really am.

Here's the kinds of playmates I want - in order of preference:

1. A queer bio-female, gender fluid is good. Queer Sex=YES
2. A really pretty lesbian (my definition may surprise you, but that's another day) who flatters me incessantly while I get to play with her endlessly.
3. A particular breed of bio-man who likes to play with me a whole lot in some queerish ways, even when he's already "done."
{Safer sex with all please}

The problem:
I can't find one of these people without The L Words: Like, longing, love. Bleh.

Does this really make me so awful? A 31 year old sexual woman who has had raging hormones for just about 2 years now after one failed relationship after another who wants to just have great sex?

Some would call me a slut. I don't particularly care. That word doesn't carry any real meaning to me.

Some have called me a playa. I don't think so. I'm - and they'll all tell you - VERY HONEST about my position in life right now and how I feel about everything.

What's a girl to do?
Become celibate?
Do I have to?

HNT - beach souvenir

So I've been away for a while - at least in the world of bloggers. I went to the beach with my kids & best friend. It was exhausting, but lots of fun still.

I'm not usually prone to buying kitchy things at the beach, but I couldn't resist buying this heart shaped necklace containing a purple flower and a grain of rice with the names of my children written on it. Cheezy, yes.

But look at my awesome purple tank top shot I got... complete with sweat & deo stains, fresh off a walk on the boardwalk.

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