Monday, May 18, 2009

Microfantasy Monday - Balance

Between physical and emotional ailments of late, my "stories" haven't been given a voice. So here's a snippet of one that happens to fit perfectly with this week's MM theme. (Isn't it great when things work out that way)

Purse on the kitchen floor. Belt thrown down in the living room. Panties shed somewhere along the hallway. One knee on the side of the bed, the other leg extended - heel to the wall, resting on elbows...perfectly balanced with my dress sliding down my back.

Like this? Didn't? Either way - there are some great ones to be found at Ang's. Go check them out.



I love the feeling of ... insatiable/hunger/desire/need ... I can feel it when I read your story, but I can't pin it down.
Great MfM!

Thursday's Child

It took me a minute to really "picture" this in my mind...beautifully done!


I like it.. it is the perfect mid-action slice.. and we can take it wherever we want with our own imaginations.

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