Thursday, May 7, 2009

Coming Up

Last night I got home from an inpatient stay in a hospital. I was admitted Sunday evening with symptoms similar to those of a seizure/stroke. The right side of my body suffered extreme weakness (useless hand and legs) and numbness. I could not walk, use my right hand, or even hear clearly out of my right ear. These symptoms have mostly subsided, although I am left with a definite weakness on my right side. The official diagnosis is "unexplained neurological event" - which basically means "we don't know what happened to you." As I had a TIA in 2003 and have a strong family history of stroke, I will be taking small doses of aspirin daily now. I will also be going to phsyical and occupational therapy for a little bit.

One of the tests I had was an MRI of my head and neck, which lasted around 50 minutes. This type of MRI required me to be perfectly still in a noisy, VERY confined space for the entire test. I also had several other tests of this nature and spent the rest of the hospital time confined to a bed. Suffice it to say I had lots of time to think.

I was scared I would never see my children again. Scared I wouldn't complete the goals in my life of which I have always dreamed. Mostly though - I realized I have been wasting a lot of energy and need to refocus on those things in my life which make me happy, instead of the sadness that sometimes lingers with me.

Lots of things make me happy: children, friends, sunshine, the beach (upcoming vacation) and of course, sex!

I've been given the opportunity to write reviews of some really great sex toy/product for EdenFantasys, Sweet and Sinful (for Intimate Organics), and Sportsheets (courtesy of a contest sponsored by Bubbzy) . So there will be lots of reviews coming up, and just maybe....

some pictures and "stories" to go with them




hey hon, big hugs...hope everything is great from here on out


I'm sorry you had to experience this, terrifying! Been there, done that and those minutes in the machine having ones head scanned are most unpleasant. However, whatever the result or diagnosis the re evaluating of life's loves and goals can only ever be a good thing. Take care of yourself, enjoy the company of those you love, feel better very soon fimg x

Thursday's Child

Oh honey, I'm glad you're okay and on the road to recovery. If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask, ok?


Oh my goodness love, I am so glad that you are ok. Please let me know if you need anything.. we're not too far that I would not drive there and help.


Having a strong family history of ANY medical issue is a big struggle, and we've all got our medical demons to battle (so to speak). I'm very glad that you're okay, please please keep us all updated! Keeping you in my thoughts and sending good energy your way.


Oh, honey, that's so horrible...I hope everything turns out okay. =( I'll keep you in my thoughts. <3

Champagne and Benzedrine

Oh! I hope you're feeling better soon! And we can't wait for all your promising-sounding blogs and reviews!


I know this is really late, but there are an infinite amount of hugs coming your way.

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