Sunday, April 5, 2009


Facebook and Myspace are getting increasingly annoying. Yes, they have been great to reconnect with some old friends. BUT

I am continuously getting friend requests from people I either a) don't really know at all or b) don't really give a crap about getting to know. 

Point A: I use those sites to actually keep in touch with my real friends. I post pictures of my children and information about my real life. I have both accounts set so that only my "friends" can see my information. Yes I realize those "friends" could easily share my pictures and information with other people: another reason why I am so picky about which friend requests I accept. 

Point B: I don't want to reconnect with people who I have never liked. I must qualify this statement with: I was relentlessly picked on by girls and boys alike ALL THE WAY through school. I was even teased at church. I was different and in this little town, different is not considered good. 
Now I get friend requests from people who were flat out mean to me. I've changed a lot since school, and I'm sure they have too. I'm not angry with those people, but memories of them are painful. 

There are many times in life when we don't get to choose those people with whom we must interact - like at work. I think that when we do get to decide, we should choose to be around people that invoke happy and pleasant feelings. So no, I'm not going to accept that former bully's friend request. 


Horny Toads

I totally agree! You shouldn't have to put up with the feelings they provoke. You shouldn't have had to put up with it before either. Some people can be so stupid! Stay strong! =)

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