Sunday, March 15, 2009

The First Time

It was so comfortable to snuggle, my back against you, as we watched the movie from the couch. I felt your soft caresses running up my arms and playing with my hair as I lounged in a state of semi-aware.

I must have drifted off because suddenly the ending credits were rolling and the music from them startled me. I instinctively thrust my hips back to keep from falling off the couch, and found you ready and waiting for me to wake up. Your hand immediately came from my waist to my breast, tracing my nipple through my tee shirt. I could barely open my eyes, lounging in the warmth of your touch through my haziness.

You turned me toward you just enough to kiss my lips. A kiss so gentle, and yet so passionate my toes curled. Your hand stroked the side of my face, coaxing my eyes open. I saw your brown eyes turn to amber as you whispered

I want to make love to you

Scooping me up, you carried me into the bedroom, gently placing me on the edge of the bed. You knelt at the bottom of the bed, taking off my socks, then pants - undressing me with joy brimming over in your eyes. You stood asking me "May I have this too?" I nodded as you slowly pulled my tee shirt over my head, leaving my exposed breasts and white cotton panties.

You gently took my chin in your hand, tilting my mouth to yours. My arms encircled your neck. Soft kisses full of love and desire went from my lips, to my neck, to my shoulders, to my breasts and down my stomach. Your knees were on the bed as you leaned over me.

Hold on to me baby.

With my arms wrapped around you, you shifted us both up the bed so that my head rested on a pile of pillows. You started kissing my neck again, trailing your tongue down to my nipples, tracing them slowly- savoring the taste of me. You found the top of my panties with your mouth, asking again "May I have these?" You slid my panties down my bent legs, tracing their path down my right leg with your tongue.

You knelt between my legs, tracing my wetness with a soft touch of your finger, your other hand tracing the curves of my chest and stomach, your eyes hypnotizing mine.

Your face came to mine, our lips brushing with eyes wide open. I pulled your shirt from you so I could feel your skin against mine. You rested there, on me, but not yet in me. Swirling memories of gentle kisses, whispers of adoration, feather touches on my skin, your breath on my face, the honesty of your eyes.

I welcomed you into me slowly, eyes connected, minds entangled. We moved together in the most natural of ways without haste or goals. Your eyes stayed with me with every thrust, one of my hands joined with yours, the other holding your face.

As the heat started traveling the length of my body, I saw your face flush and heard your breath quicken. In a solitary moment, everything that had seemed impossible was real. We felt our souls connect as our orgasms escaped, you giving me yourself in a way we didn't know could happen. The most beautiful moment of my sexual life.


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