Monday, February 16, 2009

Totally Fuckable Tuesday - Olivia Wilde

I have watched "House" pretty faithfully since it began because I've always thought the character House to be just so sexy in a bad-guy kinda way.

Then the cast changed, and now House pales in comparison to his co-star, Olivia Wilde.

I even bought a magazine about something I am not really interested in because she was on the cover.

Yeah... wouldn't you have?

I much prefer her as a brunette, although since she is a natural blonde I thought I should let you decide for yourself.

Credit to Beautiful Dreamer for starting me on TFT. It's a great idea. Seriously. What a great excuse to post pictures of hot people I'd shag on my page? ;)



OMG she's totally on my TFT list. She'll be on my blog in a week or two lol :)


um yes please. house is like the only thing I watch. you saw that one where she was "involved" with that other girl, right?


I had her on one of my TFTs! I bought a magazine with her on the cover too! Maybe it was the same one?

I prefer her as a brunette but when I saw her in the OC (don't judge me!) as a badass blonde I fell pretty hard.

I think her tendency to play bi characters also has my heart!

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