Sunday, February 15, 2009

Purple Tulips - Microfantasy Monday #4

We were good after the first date, restraining ourselves to only serious kissing. When we realized we both had the next night free, we immediately made plans.

I drove over to your house, anticipatory wetness seeping through my panties. You thought it was funny that I just threw on a tee shirt and jogging pants. I said I didn't think it was necessary to dress up when I knew the clothes were just going to land on the floor anyway.

We agreed we should eat first. You had already set the table and brought food into the dining room. I could barely look at you while we ate because of the images of you finally consuming me dancing through my mind. When I was able to look up, you would drop your eyes – you were having the same thoughts. I don't think I've ever eaten so fast in my life.

When we finished eating I grabbed my plate and headed to the kitchen. I saw the potted purple tulips sitting on the kitchen counter. They were a deep dark purple, my very favorite. I actually assumed they were a gift you had received as a house warming present, and said so. You came up behind me, wrapping your strong arms around me, whispering

They are for you - just the first of many things I have for you tonight.



This one's great, I could just imagine myself in it!


This was so sweet, I love tulips and purple !!

Thursday's Child

Oh that's lovely, and just so damn sweet! What a wonderful memory!


Awesome. Luvbunny and I have had dinners (or other things) that felt that way - just waiting to get through it for the promise of what would come after. ^_^

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