Monday, February 23, 2009

MicroFantasy Monday - Waterside

We pull the boat over to a wooded vacant shore. The day's party is forcing a "bathroom break." Everyone scrambles to claim their part of the woods. You follow me into the woods, ignoring my protests of modesty.

I'll wait over here.

When I finish and look, you aren't there. I start back toward the boat, wondering why you left me. I'm getting irritated that you insisted on following me, but then didn't wait for me.

Suddenly you step out from behind a group of 3 large trees, grabbing my arm. As I gasp in surprise, your lips find mine, sucking the gasp from my mouth. The bark scratches my bare stomach as you push me against a tree, your hands tugging down my bikini bottom.



well, I'd definitely go canoeing with you...

well done.. Happy MM!

Miss Honey

Oh, like the rough... sexy MfM

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