Monday, February 9, 2009

Microfantasy Monday #2 - Travel

It seemed like a great idea: taking all of our children together on a trip. We didn't realize it would result in a nearly sexless vacation. Finally one night the kids are staying with grandparents and we've been given the “see ya in the morning.” We go to the club, drink, admire the insanely hot bartender girls, and speculate as to which would be the most fun to pick up for the night. But we can't keep our hands off each other long enough to attempt to talk to one, so we leave. We run to the van, getting drenched with the rain. You lean over and wipe the water from my cleavage, and then drop your head to kiss the valley. I push you back into your seat, unzipping your pants and taking you fully in my mouth. You start driving. We pull into the condo parking lot, the heat steaming the windows. We climb to the back of the van. In the morning we see the footprints on the window.



Oooh this is steamy. Love it!

Thursday's Child

Footprints in the window... I love the image!


Nice. I love that they couldn't wait even to get home. ^_^


I love this. It reminds me of when the only place Jared and I had to hook up in was the back seat of my minivan :)

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