Monday, February 9, 2009

Let it Burn - Microfantasy Monday #3

Almost as good as the fucking was her cooking. Damnable woman knew my weakness for her chicken casserole. I pulled up to her place, hungry for her pussy and her food. I knocked, she called out "Come in, it's open." I walked in and didn't see her.

Where are you?

In the kitchen. I almost have dinner ready.

She was stirring something on the counter wearing nothing but a red plaid apron, her breasts straining against the shoulder straps, nipples barely covered. Our eyes met: My eyes conveying my intentions, her eyes responding with a little fear. Pressing her against the counter, I spread her legs with my foot. As I entered her from behind, she bent over the counter, mouth falling open.

The casserole needs to come out of the oven.

Let it burn.



Holy freaking shit.. HOT HOT HOT !!!

Thursday's Child

Fantastic last line - "let it burn". Just reading it over and over again puts a different series of possibilities thru my mind every time.


Amazingly hot. I have to agree with Thursday's Child - that last line said so many different things. ^_^


I definitely Love the "let it burn" as well. VERY hot!


I have to agree with TC... Let it burn... it has a shiver built in.

Good work, and welcome!


Oooh this is hot! I'm going to have to start writing these too.... and you've definitely sparked my imagination!

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