Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Feeling your eyes staying on me, even as I am walking away. What a talent, making them think you are interested while you are buzzing me with that remote. I see the way you touch their arms, shoulders while you are talking– ever the gentleman charming the ladies.

Finding ourselves on the dance floor. The music is a perfect hot rhythm, the sex energy of the club beating louder than the bass.

Feeling her behind me as I'm dancing closer to you. Seeing your eyes watching as her hands travel up and down my body, grasping my breasts, squeezing my ass. Our eyes locking, you telling me you like watching her desire for me knowing you are the one who will be tasting me later.

Buzz. Buzz......Me smiling with just with the corners of my mouth to let you know it is working. You pulling my head to yours and kissing me long and deep while the music pulses through the three of us – you, me, her. Your strong arms pulling her closer to me, closer to you.

We've got to get out of here. Getting the tab, getting outside. Walking to the car... the bouncers staring at your hand on my ass. Feeling your wetness while you start the car. My hands traveling under your pants, you pushing me back. Keeping my hands on you as you drive, enjoying the payback of the time you tortured me while I drove.

Pushing my dress up, pulling my tights down, standing in the hallway as you pull the bullet from my dripping pussy and drive yourself into me. My knees buckling. You holding me up while fucking me slow and steady, but so hard I gasp with each thrust. I am fighting it because I want to wait, but you are pushing and pushing.

Suddenly everything is stopping. You grabbing me up like a doll and shoving me to the bedroom. Ripping the rest of the clothes from my body as I hover on the brink. Flipping me onto my stomach to take me from behind. Pounding me from behind, you watching your cock slide in and out. Me shuddering and screaming into the pillow. My body is so hot, my skin flushing with the heat of you.

I'm not stopping until you spray the sheets like a dirty whore.

Feeling your finger at my ass. Filling me up from behind while driving me down into the bed at your mercy. Leaning down onto my back, reaching around and pinching my clit with your free hand.

Be a good girl. Give it to me.



Ooooh, a hot story, dear. Love the HNT picture, too. ;)


Oh my god...that is so hot.



Oh hayell yes.. damn.. great picture, very hot story.. why must I be without a dirty whore tonight?


That was a great night. :)


I was sweating reading this

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