Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happily Imperfect HNT

I love posting sexy pictures and getting comments. Who doesn't like flattery? You may say you don't, but come on now - we are all insecure in some way and compliments from others boost our self esteem.

This one isn't so sexy. I tried to get a good picture of my hip stretch marks. My camera sucks, so here's what you get.

And in case you missed them....

Where did I get these marks? Pregnancy. 2 kids in under 2 years. You know what? I'm proud of these marks. Yes, I am terribly self conscious at times about them, but as time passes I grow more and more fond of them. They remind me of the joy of growing 2 human beings in my body, and of the 2 gifts I got in return for them. The greatest loves of my life.

(And I did notice my undies are on inside-out when I saw this picture. Also a lovely reminder of my mom status.)

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Miss KissThis

I wouldn't have ever noticed them it wasn't for the little arrows. Yay for being proud of your beautiful body!

Cute inside out undies :)

Happy HNT!

Amorous Rocker

I didn't notice them either actually. Those marks are something to be proud of. They represent life and love, which is beautiful. :) Happy HNT!


Had to really squint and stare to see those.. pretty subtle.


An Artist Exposed

I could barely see them - and the inside-out undies were cute - its a lovely positive pic of a real woman - my favourite kind :-) HHNT!

Lapis Ruber

What stretch marks? And who's looking anyway when there is so much else to appreciate in that photograph. :-) Happy HNT.

Southern Sage

hell I just could see them with the arrows.
Battle scars. I like em.


Right.... (what marks where?!?!) I love the pic, great pose and cute panties! :)


You should be proud!!! And I didn't notice them...

Happy HNT!


Yeah they are really hard to see in the pictures. I need a better camera! They are much easier to see in person I swear. :)

Thank you for your comments.


Yep... if you hadn't pointed them out, I would have never seen them... I love how my camera dulls my imperfections and smoothes my skin...



After having my son my body looks like a road map. I call them my battle scars- I had a really hard pregnancy and an even worse delivery and I survived. They're my armor that I wear through motherhood and I'm proud of them.

Thursday's Child

Beautiful for what they represent to you! And I'm glad I'm not the only one who accidentally wears her panties inside out, LOL!


I'm blind - I needed the arrows! And scars are tattoos with better stories. Stand proud - you're f***ing gorgeous!

ps. I have stretch marks and it isn't even kid related!!!!


These marks are impossible to notice without the arrows pointing them out!

What I noticed instead was that this is a really cute and sexy picture ;)

Happy belated HNT!!!


I've never found stretch marks to be a turn-off. I find things like that to be turn ONs. Why do people want to look like an airbrushed model's photograph?


Call me crazy, but I LOOOOOOOOVE stretch marks! My Bestie has them all over his chest from when his shoulder got dislocated, and I think they're fascinating.

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