Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Totally Fuckable Tuesday

Thanks to Beautiful Dreamer (via Sienna) for reminding me of a wonderful topic I can use today when I have seemingly lost the ability to write anything original...

Totally Fuckable Tuesday!

Since she's my favorite actress ever:

Neve Campbell. Oh my.

The way her eyes squint a little when she grins, those fabulous dancer's legs, her porcelain skin... not to mention she has an amazing talent with acting. She radiates natural beauty, with an ever-present smoldering sensuality.

neve Pictures, Images and Photos

(I hate her clothes in that pic... but it is one of the best shots of her smile.)

Ok... and seriously – who didn't like “Wild Things”

Wild Things. Pictures, Images and Photos



I agree, she's way sexy


Ooooh I forgot about her, I love her legs!!!! Great choice and yes, who doesn't love Wild Things :)

Roland Hulme

Seconded, Ms. Chikadee!

Beautiful Dreamer

Lovely legs, lovely smile. I've never watched Wild Things!! Yikes!! May have to go rent it now! :)

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