Thursday, January 8, 2009

Oh How I Miss You (HNT)

After having 2 children and wearing lots of "mommy" gear, I finally treated myself with a little trip to Victoria's Secret. Then one fateful night, one of my favorite bras disappeared. I have my suspicions is was taken as a souvenir. Either way, I miss it.

If you feel like helping me out by replacing it, I'll be happy to go with you to a VS to try some on. :)

Appreciate the others at Views from the Back Row




Ok firstly - I have the EXACT same bra and undies. Seriously.

And secondly - holy hotness!!!! You look freaking fantastic =)

Roland Hulme

For having two children you have a phenomenally foxy tummy.

I think you do Victoria's Secret VERY proud! Happy HNT!

Beautiful Dreamer

You are one hot mama. One hot woman! I wish my stomach looked that good and I don't have kids!! :)

Southern Sage


Awesome, very sexy mommy for sure!


Thats what im talkin about!!!

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