Wednesday, January 14, 2009


A lovely date. Glances back and forth with knowing smiles. Greatly enjoying the fact that no one at the bar even suspects what's really going on. (Silly small minded people can't even imagine what's going to happen.)

Getting in the car, finally being able to kiss. Riding home, I turn on music to stay focused on driving, just to make it home without straddling him. We sing along, my hand on her leg, resting in her hand - A soft thumb stroking my forefinger. The heater isn't on, but the heat is building in the car, causing sweat to start trickling down my chest under my sweater.

“Gimme gimme more, gimme more... you got me in a crazy got my permission”

I stare straight ahead, realizing it isn't the two beers I drank, but his intense focus on me that is making is harder and harder to concentrate on driving. He starts pressing my hand down onto his thigh, sliding it closer and closer to the heat coming from his pants. I can't look over or I surely will wreck the car.

Years of moments later, we are finally home. I'm pulling the parking brake while being pulled to her precious lips. Tasting for so long we start getting cold. I climb over into the passenger seat just to keep from breaking physical contact as we get out of the car.

“I want this”, taking my bra is undone and I'm not sure when that happened. Sneaky. It's tossed with the sweater. My mind is planning ahead. This time I'm going to get what I want first. Not easily done with him, but I know his naked and then surprise.

Pushing away, “I've got to go to the bathroom, seriously.” Laughing in my mind. He scowls, but lets go. I go into the bathroom, strip off my shoes, socks, jeans, panties and wait. And wait some more, knowing he is getting impatient. Giggling, I go back to the bedroom.

He's really annoyed and grabs me roughly, trying to push me down onto the bed. I sit on the edge of the bed, legs spread, and start lightly stroking myself. When he steps back to watch, I stand up, pressing my chest against his. I start running my hands all over him, swaying my body against his in a defined rhythmic pattern, with no music playing. Dropping to my knees, I pull his belt buckle and pants open, pulling his boxers down to kiss the inside of his hip bone. He moans, pushing my head toward his throbbing cock, but I stay at his hip bone, with kisses and bites.

I circle around her on my knees, kissing her hip line, using the opportunity to pull her pants completely down and off. Slowly I start rolling my body up the length of her legs and back. I shove him to his knees on the edge of the bed, working my hand everywhere into his boxers.

There's no resistance as I start scratching patterns in her back, holding her down, while swirling a single finger around her ever swelling clit. Her moans are soft, but he has dropped his head, giving up the last of his arrogance to my touch. Plunging two fingers into her while digging my nails into her shoulder brings a low guttural moan that nearly drives me into frantic heat, but I restrain myself into a steady in-out pulse.

I push her further onto the bed until I can rest my knees between hers. In, out, in, out, biting her back, she's clamping down on my fingers so hard, so wet. I feel my own juices dribbling down my leg. I pull my hand down from her shoulder to circle her clit. She's struggling to hold on, still resisting the complete release.

“You know I'm not going to stop”

No audible response, only pushing against my hands. Slipping a third finger in, I turn my hand so that my knuckles are rubbing her spot. The headboard beats the rhythm of the fucking against the wall. Her body betrays her, giving in to me, shuddering and spasming.

Suddenly he's flipping me onto my back. Plunging into me with absolutely no warning. My cunt is so ready the sting is momentary.

“You knew doing that would only make me want to fuck you harder bitch.”

“Yes Sir.”

Gathering me into his arms, he flips me again so that I'm riding his cock, his hands pulling my head to touch our foreheads. I'm barely moving as he thrusts into me from below.

“Turn around”

Facing away from him, on my knees, riding him, nearly lying on the bed between his legs. I spread my legs and bend my head down to watch. He is looking too, our eyes meeting where his cock is sliding in and out of me...exchanging the same knowing smiles.


Miss KissThis

Wow. So hot!


Again... speechless. your right you need to get these stories out !

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