Friday, January 2, 2009

Fill in the Blank

Dear _______:

Please do not ever say the following things to me:

1. You don't look like you would be interested in _____ (anything other than men).

2. You can't call yourself queer because sometimes you date men.

3. I didn't intend to insult you, you just took it the wrong way.

4. Someday you will have to chose a gender.

First: Who are you to decide what I should look like based on my sexuality, my choice of dinner entrée or anything else?

Second: I will call myself whatever I please. You should call yourself a jackass if you think otherwise.

Third: If I ever say anything that insults you, please tell me. I will promptly apologize, even if I didn't mean to insult you. I will do this because it doesn't matter what I intended if I hurt you anyway. You see, that is how people who care for each other act.

Fourth: Someday I will likely fall in love. The one time I was really in love before I didn't feel as though I made a gender choice. Furthermore, who are you to decide what type of relationship I will chose to be in at a future time?

***I won't be falling in love with anyone who says any of those things to me.***


Since I know most of you reading this wouldn't say those things to me anyway:
I am so thankful I have found you, my unique online community. Even though I am physically living in a very small chlorinated fishbowl, you have welcomed me into a warm sea of acceptance. You each inspire me in your own ways to be even more myself and to cast aside those negative & hurtful judgments.

Peace, hope & love to you.


Beautiful Dreamer

Damn the fishbowls! (I live in one too).
Keep your head up high girly! :)


Oh that was great. It's all good and well accepting yourself - those fuckheads that don't accept you need to be booted out of the fish bowl/sea :P

And yes! You can certainly volunteer :D

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