Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I love being strong. I love to hike when I'm required to pull myself up and climb big rocks. I like to push mow my yard. I get a kick out of carrying heavy grocery sacks from my car into my house. I open jars by myself. I move furniture around like its made of Styrofoam.

I love it when I wrap my long strong legs around someone and flip him/her over and then pin that body down with mine. It makes my body heat grow just to know I have the energy and strength to fuck someone for hours without my legs giving up.

Strength and power. Delicious.

This may be why I am attracted to women who aren't as athletic as I. I can tell by looking at most women whether or not I am stronger than they. I pick ones that are smaller or less toned because I know I can hold them down to fuck them. It is a most wonderful thing when they try to push back. Sometimes I let them think they are stronger at first just so when I overpower them it scares them a little bit.

I tend to pick men who are more athletic because I find the others too weak to keep up. Not to mention the element of surprise when I exert my bodily strength on a strong man is priceless. Men are so overconfident. They think a small, average height woman will submit to their every whim. Ha.

One of my favorite strengths: my power pussy. I read about other women using various methods to strengthen their vaginal muscles and I wonder if I should even try it. Especially when I was told recently I clinched down so hard it hurt him. Of course, it makes me smile just to know it hurt him. The power that surges through me as I recall the look on his face when I squeezed down on him as he came is more intoxicating than any substance. Maybe I should get some Smart Balls or something. Then I could be even stronger.

I need to write that Perfectly Pink review.


Southern Sage

I also find a rush at being strong, and so did chicks like to be handled it seems.

It hurt huh? Never experienced that.

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