Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The One

Caress me now, my dearest one
Take my hand for yours
Pull me closer in the night
Tightly shut the doors

Kiss me gently, but just at first
By your hands on my hips
Sweep me into your passion
Pour yourself upon my lips

Stretch out beside me in the bed
Trace me with your gentle hands
Feeling my breath rise and fall
Whisper to me all your plans

To taste you, to fill my mouth
Full of you and moaning
Swirl my tongue around the top
Feel your fire growing

As we join I lose all air
Gasping, I still want more
I find your eyes and I see
It's all you can do but roar

Rocking with you back and forth
Your pulse gains so much speed
Seeing that you want me so
Knowing you fulfill my needs

When it comes, there is no match
For the love between us
We go to higher to a place
Where there is no fuss.

Your cries of ecstasy
Sill linger in my mind
My desire grows stronger
No longer can I hide.


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