Thursday, December 18, 2008

My First HNT!

Well, here it is, my first HNT. I even think I got the theme right! Since I am my own photographer I had some trouble, especially with lighting. So I posted one picture with two exposure levels.

Hmmm... maybe someone will volunteer to come take my pictures next month! :)



Welcome to HNT! I don't think you'll have any problems getting volunteers to help with your pictures!


Oh, VERY lovely! They both are beautiful, but I think my favorite is the first with the twinkling lights caught.

Welcome! :)


I bet the line will be long with volenteers...

Welcome to HNT!


Great post.

Welcome to the HNT revolution!

And, I'll stand in the volunteer line any day....


Curvaceous Dee

Welcome to HNT! I think you did just fine, but it is often more fun when someone else is taking the pictures :)

xx Dee

Southern Sage

Well damn!

A first HNT and the pics are stellar!!
very nice!

Holly Page

Very classic, beautiful picture. Welcome to HNT; I'm new too!


Great first...hell it was great for the 100th. I too am my own photographer; it is hard but I actually love playing with the lights and settings....I would LOVE to be a erotic photographer

Happy 1st HNT!


great first HNT! It was my first week also so good for us :)

I am right town the road in N. GA if you need that photographer...


beautiful first HNT.

Cherry on Top

Love it!!

Amorous Rocker

They're both so very pretty! I like the first one better because of the lights and the coloring. Great work! Happy late HNT.:)

Beautiful Dreamer

Gorgeous!! I'd volunteer to take your photos! :)

Betty Rocket

And it is a BEAUTIFUL first!


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