Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Gifts for HNT

I'm new to the sex toy review/sex blog community, but it was easy for me to pick 3 people I don't really even know to give “gifts” to in honor of this week's themed HNT.

First, Backseat Boohoo ( A portable, sound proof, invisible room - one just big enough to lie down and stretch out inside without anyone being able to see you or hear you.

Second, Bulma ( A vacation to a tropical island for some really serious grown-up fun. I'll babysit. You go, without that person who makes you sad. Better yet, my mother (the world's greatest grandma) can keep both sets of our children – who are the same ages and gender by the way – and I'll make sure you have fun. I will tell you about when I left my own abusive husband and how hard it was, but you will see what a happy person I am now and it will give you strength.

Third, Essin' Em ( Reassurance that it's all going to be ok girl. You are fabulous and envied by many. Please know that all of those other life details that seem to constant plague your heart will work themselves out. Oh... and I'd also give you a week of whatever you want in the bed, a park, or anywhere else. ;)

And now for a little red & lace holiday HNT:

... she giggled when I straddled her and the lace tickled her bare stomach.


Southern Sage

Those are good wishes.

Hope your Christmas was good.

ho ho ho

Amorous Rocker

Those are good wishes.

Great picture too, lovely.

Happy Holidays and Happy HNT.


You already give me a lot of strength :) Thank you for all the kind words of encouragement and for showing me that it really is possible to heal and be happy after abuse. *hugs*

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