Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A "Terrible" First Date

Even with directions I barely found his house. I drove by it and had to call him to figure out where to go. I pulled into the driveway and started to get out of the car. Before I could walk away from the car door, I saw him bound down the porch steps toward me like a child headed to Christmas morning. Everything about his movement attracted me to him instantly.

He suddenly was standing very close to me, smiling down with radiance. I reached to shake his hand and he pulled me into a tight hug instead. It was the first time a first-time meeting actually took my breath away. When he let go of the hug I felt dizzy and unsteady. I actually swooned.

The dinner was terrible. The restaurant music was obnoxious and loud. The service was slow and inaccurate. We still sat across from each other nodding and smiling. We attempted conversation, but it was too hard to pay attention to what was said. It wasn't the loud music. It was the amazing chemistry. Like meeting yourself in another person.

We rode back to his house with so much to say and not enough time to say it. He invited me in for some wine. He had intentionally bought the type of wine I love the most, along with some great chocolates. We sat on opposite ends of the couch, sipping wine and talking. It seemed if I moved too close to him the dream would shatter. We had no physical contact, just sitting and talking for a little more than an hour.

We took turns going to the restroom. When I got back he was sitting in the middle of the couch, leaving me no choice but to sit next to him. My nerves shook my body. He asked if I was cold when in fact I was quite flushed. We resumed talking, holding hands like high school sweethearts. There was a silent moment when he leaned back from me and studied my face. He loved my profile and asked why I didn't have more pictures of it on my site. I stuttered some inconsequential response. He said, “I think this is the part where I'm supposed to kiss you.”

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Gifts for HNT

I'm new to the sex toy review/sex blog community, but it was easy for me to pick 3 people I don't really even know to give “gifts” to in honor of this week's themed HNT.

First, Backseat Boohoo ( A portable, sound proof, invisible room - one just big enough to lie down and stretch out inside without anyone being able to see you or hear you.

Second, Bulma ( A vacation to a tropical island for some really serious grown-up fun. I'll babysit. You go, without that person who makes you sad. Better yet, my mother (the world's greatest grandma) can keep both sets of our children – who are the same ages and gender by the way – and I'll make sure you have fun. I will tell you about when I left my own abusive husband and how hard it was, but you will see what a happy person I am now and it will give you strength.

Third, Essin' Em ( Reassurance that it's all going to be ok girl. You are fabulous and envied by many. Please know that all of those other life details that seem to constant plague your heart will work themselves out. Oh... and I'd also give you a week of whatever you want in the bed, a park, or anywhere else. ;)

And now for a little red & lace holiday HNT:

... she giggled when I straddled her and the lace tickled her bare stomach.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I love being strong. I love to hike when I'm required to pull myself up and climb big rocks. I like to push mow my yard. I get a kick out of carrying heavy grocery sacks from my car into my house. I open jars by myself. I move furniture around like its made of Styrofoam.

I love it when I wrap my long strong legs around someone and flip him/her over and then pin that body down with mine. It makes my body heat grow just to know I have the energy and strength to fuck someone for hours without my legs giving up.

Strength and power. Delicious.

This may be why I am attracted to women who aren't as athletic as I. I can tell by looking at most women whether or not I am stronger than they. I pick ones that are smaller or less toned because I know I can hold them down to fuck them. It is a most wonderful thing when they try to push back. Sometimes I let them think they are stronger at first just so when I overpower them it scares them a little bit.

I tend to pick men who are more athletic because I find the others too weak to keep up. Not to mention the element of surprise when I exert my bodily strength on a strong man is priceless. Men are so overconfident. They think a small, average height woman will submit to their every whim. Ha.

One of my favorite strengths: my power pussy. I read about other women using various methods to strengthen their vaginal muscles and I wonder if I should even try it. Especially when I was told recently I clinched down so hard it hurt him. Of course, it makes me smile just to know it hurt him. The power that surges through me as I recall the look on his face when I squeezed down on him as he came is more intoxicating than any substance. Maybe I should get some Smart Balls or something. Then I could be even stronger.

I need to write that Perfectly Pink review.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My First HNT!

Well, here it is, my first HNT. I even think I got the theme right! Since I am my own photographer I had some trouble, especially with lighting. So I posted one picture with two exposure levels.

Hmmm... maybe someone will volunteer to come take my pictures next month! :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

This IS What I Believe


A mainstream media publication allowing the publishing of a story that not only supports gay marriage, but provides Biblical references in support of it as well.

I applaud you Newsweek.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Plan

I applied one more coat of cherry chapstick as I pulled into the parking place. I could feel the wetness in my panties already and I hadn't even seen her yet. I took my time getting my belongings out of the car, my heart racing faster and faster. I knew it was going to be wrong to take so much from her without giving her what she wanted, but my cold heart paled to my throbbing pussy.

She opened the door as I approached, laden with my bags. “That's a lot of stuff for just one night missy,” she said. Of course, she didn't realize that one bag contained only toys, lubes, and a thirsty towel. We embraced awkwardly, the hangover of old emotional connections briefly making an appearance in my head. I stepped back and took my bags to the bedroom.

She was wearing a very low cut top, her beautiful breasts practically spilling out everywhere. She had her usual gaudy big hair and makeup, but it didn't matter. When I came back from putting my bags down, she was bent over to control her stereo and I saw her perfectly round ass through the jeans she knew I liked the most.

She was so nervous. She couldn't stop talking and flitting around her home. I was nervous too, but I somehow was steady and calm. Mine was more nervous excitement than her nervous anxiety. We chatted about insignificant things – the 3 hours it took me to drive there, the weather, my new haircut. She asked if I would like to smoke and we did. It only made me hotter.

I told her I had some surprises for her. We went to the bedroom and I opened the beautiful red bag I use for carrying my toys. I pulled out my new strap on and we examined it together. I showed her the various controls and we compared it to her one strap on. She said she wanted to go first and I laughed at her.

As we walked down the hall to the dining room her arm brushed mine. I grabbed her left arm and shoved her against the wall, anchoring her arm down to the wall with mine. I took her right arm and put it above her head, holding both her small arms down with one of mine. She leaned forward to kiss me but I pulled my face back and pressed the palm of my hand against her pants. A little whimper escaped her, although she was attempting to act indifferent, smarting from my rejection of her kiss. I abruptly let go of her and walked away.

We sat at the dining room table to wait for dinner to finish cooking and to smoke some more. I really didn't care about what she was saying. My only thoughts were of fucking her senseless, but I pretended to pay attention. She was babbling something about a friend of hers when I stood up, took two steps to her, grabbed her by the back of the head and kissed her so hard she stopped breathing for a moment. I let her embrace me and I sat down on her lap, my hands finally cupping those luscious breasts. I lowered my head to kiss the top of her chest, my tongue tracing those perfect curves over and over. Her back arched and she moaned my name, her hands reaching for my pants. But I wasn't ready to let her have too much, so I stood up and walked away.

I knew this would most likely be the last time with her, and I knew we had less than 20 hours together. I wanted to make sure she understood that I would be fucking her on my terms. In our previous relationship she always had to be the domme, but I sure as hell didn't drive that far to let her do anything she wanted. I had a purpose, a mission unlike any I had ever had, a plan that both excited me and sickened what little heart I had left.

The One

Caress me now, my dearest one
Take my hand for yours
Pull me closer in the night
Tightly shut the doors

Kiss me gently, but just at first
By your hands on my hips
Sweep me into your passion
Pour yourself upon my lips

Stretch out beside me in the bed
Trace me with your gentle hands
Feeling my breath rise and fall
Whisper to me all your plans

To taste you, to fill my mouth
Full of you and moaning
Swirl my tongue around the top
Feel your fire growing

As we join I lose all air
Gasping, I still want more
I find your eyes and I see
It's all you can do but roar

Rocking with you back and forth
Your pulse gains so much speed
Seeing that you want me so
Knowing you fulfill my needs

When it comes, there is no match
For the love between us
We go to higher to a place
Where there is no fuss.

Your cries of ecstasy
Sill linger in my mind
My desire grows stronger
No longer can I hide.

The New Love of My Life

5 extreme speeds, 7 extreme functions, and extreme lights!

The Xtreme Gspot Bullet

One Word: Yum.
Two Words: Get it!

Monday, December 8, 2008

learning curve

Ok I'm learning people... give the old lady time

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Shudder to Think

SHUDDER TO THINK SO INTO YOU LYRICSI am so into you,I can think nothing elseI am so into you,I can't think...Nothing else helpsbut I'm wondering(yeah, I'm wondering)how it's going to bethe minute I get you next to meI am so into you,I can think nothing elseI am so into you,I can't think...Nothing else helpsbut I'm wondering(yeah, I'm wondering)how it's going to bethe minute I get you next to meIt's going to be good,don't you know?I'm going to love you all over,over and into youI am so into you,I can think nothing elseHow it's going to bethe minute I get you next to meIt's going to be good,don't you know?I'm going to love you all over,over and over...Me into you,you into me,me into you

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